Land Use Plan & Map

In 2010 the Land Use Advisory Committee recommended that the Board of Trustees adopt the land use plan below. Please carefully review the Trustee's adopted resolution #2011-005. The Trustee's adopted the recommendations with two modifications that are not depicted on the Land Use Map or in the final document. 

2017 Land Use Plan Updates (In-progress)
A Land Use Plan is a policy document that serves as a vision for the future which is intended to guide decision making that designates appropriate land uses based on infrastructure and development constraints for physical development. Comprised of policy statements, principles, goals, objectives, strategies and maps, the Plan guides the physical, social, and economic development of the Township and its neighborhoods, including both private and public development. The 2011 Land Use Plan has helped guide the Township to address development issues for this community to pursue, however, new information, technologies and demands face the community that must be dealt with in order to manage growth in a responsible and respectful way. Land is an exhaustible resource that once developed and converted to a use, is often difficult to change. Land will continue to be developed, but the pattern, rate, timing and location of how land is developed can be shaped by the Township through well-founded planning policies. When considering the future land use pattern the key question is not whether or not Danbury will grow, but how it will grow and change to serve future residents. In January 2017, the Board of Trustees appointed a Steering Committee to review and update the Land Use Plan. Below is all the information that has been reviewed and discussed by the Steering Committee. 

DRAFT 2017-2025 Land Use Plan
Click Here to view the Draft Document. The document is quite large (20 MB) please be patient while it downloads.

Public Hearing & Adoption Meeting Dates:
Board of Trustees:  December 13, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. Township Hall
Ottawa County Regional Planning: December 19, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. EOC Room of Courthouse Basement
Ottawa County Commissioners: TBD (Before or after Christmas)

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Meeting:   Packet:           Presentation:
03.13.2017 Agenda   Steering Committee Mtg. 1 Packet    Presentation
Methodology on Projections
04.17.2017 Agenda Steering Committee Mtg. 2 Packet Presentation

05.08.2017 Agenda No Packet Distributed
07.10.2017 Agenda Steering Committee Mtg. 4 Packet Presentation
08.14.2017 Agenda Steering Committee Mtg. 5 Packet
09.11.17 (Agenda in Packet)   Steering Committee Mtg. 6 Packet
10.09.17 (Agenda in Packet) Steering Committee Mtg. 7 Packet
11.13.17 (Agenda in Packet) Steering Committee Mtg. 8 Packet Last Meeting
COMMUNITY OPEN HOUSE 11.03.17 - Event Flyer
At the Community Open House, the following presentation was provided for those in attendance. Please click here to view the presentation. All of the maps, draft Vision Statement, Goals, Objective & Strategies were also presented. Feedback from the event was very positive and most attendees indicated that what was presented reflected their own opinions as well. 

COMMUNITY CHOICES 06.09 & 06.11.17 PUBLIC WORKSHOP -  Event Flyer
At the Community Choices Event held June 9 & 11, 2017, many residents expressed concerns regarding our roadways, particularly State managed roads. The residents asked that the contact information for our State Representatives as well as ODOT be provided. Please click here to view this listing. 

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