Permit Process

Most permit applications can be reviewed by the Zoning Inspector on the day they are received or issued over the counter. Should the Inspector be unavailable or unable to issue a permit at the time it is received, then the permit will be reviewed less than 5 business days after receiving.  

Applications can be received via regular mail, email or fax, along with all supporting documentation, but the permit will not be released until payment is received. Once payment is received, the applicant can either pick up the permit during regular business hours or request that the permit be sent to them in the mail. There is also a secured after-hours drop available at the front door of Township Hall that is checked daily.  

Original copies of the application and supporting documents are kept on file at the Zoning Office. The application will receive the original permit and one copy of the approved plans.  

Applications requiring Ottawa County Building Department review are faxed to them as proof of Zoning Approval. The applicant is still required to go to the Building Department to submit their application, fees and submit the number of required copies of any blueprints that the County requires.  

In order to ensure proper placement of projects on property and to ensure that the size of the project is as approved, a preliminary and final zoning inspection will be conducted. Inspections are typically conducted on Wednesday’s, but special arrangements can be made with the Zoning Inspector. All inspections have to be called in and are in addition to any inspections required by the County Building Department. All inspections should be finalized and passed prior to occupying the space constructed.
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