Trustees Meeting Summary


At the regular meeting of the Danbury Township Board of Trustees held June 14, 2017 the following business was conducted: 
  • Road Superintendent Brett Waldron reported the following: three burials at Sackett; the flashing signs have arrived; weed spraying along the roadways is being done; baseball and other park activities are in full swing; a preconstruction meeting for Buck Road is tentatively set for June 26; the Ohio Department of Agriculture inspected weed spray licenses and equipment and found no violations.        
  • Police Chief Michael Meisler reported 466 incidents in May and 225 to date in June; trustees approved $23,604 to purchase a 2017 Ford Taurus Interceptor all-wheel drive to replace the existing Taurus; trustees approved the purchase of 8 new Remington shotguns with a trade-in of 6 shotguns for a total cost of $2,540; the grant application submitted to the Ottawa County Community Foundation for office furniture for the high school police office was not funded.
  • Fire Chief Keith Kahler reported 55 EMS calls, 5 fire calls, 6 motor vehicle crashes, 12 fire alarm activations and 3 carbon monoxide activations in May. To date in June there have been 39 EMS calls, 5 fire calls 6 motor vehicle crashes and 2 fire alarm activations. Trustees appointed Matthew Roberts as EMT/FF1. Ryan Morter has been appointed Chaplain and will pursue fire fighter certification. Trustees approved the purchase of a used air compressor from Breathing Air Systems at a total cost of $9,090 including delivery, installation and trade. The procedure for accepting proposals for the old fire truck will be discussed with the prosecutor.
  • Zoning and Planning Administrator Kathryn Dale reported the following: 28 permits were processed in May and the department went on 88 site visits and responded to 689 calls, emails and in-person inquiries. To date in June there have been 15 permits processed. The BZA will meet June 21 to hear two area variance requests. Mrs. Dale reported the Community Choices event was held June 9 and 11 at the high school auditorium with approximately 30 residents attending. Mrs. Dale provided an update on violations and complaints and reported on her attendance at supervisor training provided by Ottawa County HR Department. Trustees scheduled a public hearing on text amendments for 6:15 p.m. on July 12.
  • Trustees chose not to have the issue for township hall renovation on the November ballot and to instead have a replacement five-year 1.5 mil fire levy on the ballot.  
  • Trustees approved requesting proposals for the OPEC-HC 2018 renewal; approved membership renewal for cooperative purchasing with Ohio DAS, signed a cemetery deed for Carolyn Owen; chose to not require a hearing for a liquor permit for Bayshore Country Market and approved Mr. Scott and Mrs. Seamon to sign OPWC funds disbursement paperwork.
  • Trustees approved two payrolls and bills totaling $152,453.71; approved $3,854 for the 2015-16 state audit expenses; approved May financials and the bank reconciliation and approved the transfer of $250,000 to checking from savings at the Marblehead Bank. Mrs. Seamon provided an update on the status of the audit.
  • Trustees held an executive session to discuss employment of a part-time assistant to the Fiscal Officer. Upon reconvening the trustees appointed Kim Oxendale at a rate of $15 per hour.


At the regular meeting of the Danbury Township Board of Trustees held May 24, 2017 the following business was conducted: 
  • Road Superintendent Brett Waldron reported the following: One full burial at Sackett, the flashing signs have been ordered, mowing of parks and roads has been the main focus for the upcoming holiday, Quarry Road is finished including striping.
  • Police Chief Michael Meisler reported 299 incidents to date in May. The department will assist with traffic control requested by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office on June 21 for the travelling Vietnam Wall.
  • Fire Chief Keith Kahler brought the new Sutphen Pumper up from Columbus. The Chief reported 32 EMS calls, 3 fire calls, 4 motor vehicle crashes, 9 fire alarm activations and 2 carbon monoxide activations to date in May. 
  • Zoning and Planning Administrator Kathryn Dale reported the following: 19 permits were processed to date in May. The BZA met May 17 and approved two area variances. The Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on June 7 regarding medical marijuana language. The Land Use committee will meet briefly on June 5. The Land Use Plan Community Event will be held June 9 at 7 p.m. and June 11 at 3 p.m. at Danbury School auditorium.
  • Mrs. Dale updated the board regarding outstanding violations and complaints.
  • Dianne Rozak reported the 4th annual township-sponsored Dog Show was a success with 33 dogs registered, over 100 people in attendance and $690 raised for the Humane Society.
  • Trustees approved the content of the summer newsletter; set May 30 at 6 p.m. for final interviews and appointment for the position of assistant to the Fiscal Officer; signed a cemetery deed to Silas Crawford; did not object to liquor permit being issued to Bay’ Edge LLC from safekeeping; approved payroll and bills totaling $588,548.36 and approved transferring $100,000 from Marblehead Bank savings to checking.

The only official public record of Danbury Township is the paper file(s) located at Danbury Township Hall.  The official approved copy of township minutes including attachments and references is available for review or purchase. Contact the Township Fiscal Officer at (419) 732-3039 or via email to make arrangements for record review or purchase or fill out & submit the Public Records Request form. 

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