Violations & Complaints


All complaints or concerns regarding a property in the Township is required to fill out one of the two complaint forms below. Telephone complaints will not be accepted or given the same priority as a written complaint. 

Complaints concerning tall grass, abandoned property, or junk vehicles must file a Nuisance Complaint form. This form must be signed by the complainant. The form can then be submitted to the Zoning Department or directly with a Trustee. At the next Trustee meeting, the Board will discuss the issues of the complaint and a Trustee will be assigned the case to follow-thru on. 

Complaints concerning potential Zoning Violations, (i.e. Construction with no building permit, illegal business operation, illegal rentals) must fill out a Zoning Violation Complaint form. Anonymity is acceptable. The form must be submitted to the Zoning Department before the Inspector will start the investigation.

Violation Process & Fines

Every violation is allotted a timeframe for compliance based on the severity of the situation. The position of the Township is to work with a property owner and provide reasonable time for compliance prior to filing court action. In most cases, a Warning Letter will be sent to the property owner outlining the infractions and the time period to comply. Upon reinspection, if the owner has failed to comply, another letter “Final Notice to Comply” will be sent. If upon the follow-up inspection, the owner still has not complied, then all photographs, letters and any other supporting documentation concerning the violation will be forwarded to the Trustees to declare a Nuisance and potentially abate, or to the Township's Legal Counsel or to the County Prosecutor.

For a complete outline of the violation process, please view the Danbury Township Complaints & Violations Procedure Policy established in 2013. 
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