Zoning Commission Legal Notices

All Zoning Commission Meetings are at the Township Hall located at 5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road, Marblehead, Ohio 43440 and start at 6:30 p.m. on the 1st Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise noted in the notice. 


The Danbury Township Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at the Danbury Township Hall, 5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Rd., Marblehead, Ohio for the following application:

ZC-2018-045     Text Amendments. Article 7, Section 7.5.3 & Section 7.8.1.B Establish term limits for the elected positions of the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Section 7.5.4 & Section 7.8.1.C Tie vote on an application under consideration shall be placed on the next agenda. Article 7, Section 7.6 General simplification, clarification and number restructuring to refer to ORC 519.12 regarding the Zoning Commission amendment process and notification requirements.  Article 7, NEW Section 7.6.3.B – Optional language consideration dependent on the outcome of HB 500 by time the zoning resolution is codified at the end of 2018. Language is in regards to whether State statute requires applications to be forwarded to Regional Planning for a recommendation as a mandatory requirement or optionally. Danbury Township, Applicant.

A copy of the applications may be viewed at the office of the Zoning Inspector at Danbury Township Hall during normal business hours. The amendments may also be viewed at the Ottawa Regional Planning Commission office at the Ottawa County Courthouse or by clicking on the case information above. At the conclusion of said hearing and upon a decision made, the amendments will be submitted to the Danbury Township Board of Trustees for action.

Next Meeting Date:          May 2, 2018
Next Application Deadline: April 30, 2018 (For June 6, 2018 Meeting)
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