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Danbury Township encompasses are area of 17.76 square miles which includes 32.75 miles of Lake Erie, Sandusky Bay and Harbor shoreline. The historic Village of Marblehead is located at the east end of the Township. The permanent population of Danbury is 4,924 with an additional 846 residing in the Village. Seasonal homes, condominiums, marina, campgrounds, cottages and recreational vehicle parks are home to a population of several thousand summer-only residents. Danbury was named for the original settlers who arrived from Danbury, Connecticut and became a township on March 6, 1840. The Village of Marblehead was incorporated in 1891.


"The Mission of the Danbury Township Board of Trustees is to provide fair and representative government for all citizens, to foster pride in the community, to ensure fiscal solvency, to preserve and protect natural and historical sites, and to operate within the parameters of the laws of the State of Ohio while making certain that the Township remains an enjoyable place to live for both permanent and seasonal residents."

Current News and Events

Current News & Events


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Public Records Request Form

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Nuisance Notices

8657 Northshore Blvd. - Dunfee Properties, LLC

Trustee Meeting Date Change

The Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for November 22, 2023 has been moved to Wednesday, November 29, 2023 @ 6:00p.m. due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Fall/ Winter Township Newsletter

To view the most current Township Newsletter, please click here.

Zoning Office Hour Changes

Please be advised that the Zoning Office will be CLOSED on the following dates:

November 22, 2023 - November 24, 2023 - Thanksgiving Holiday
December 25, 2023 - January 2, 2024 - Week between Christmas & New Year's

Ms. Dale is taking some additional time off during the holiday's to travel to see her son at Thanksgiving and who will be home for Christmas on military leave. 

Please be advised that the Zoning Office is
                                        CLOSED on Mondays
Please call 419.734.6120 and leave a message or email

Area Construction Updates – August 2023 through October 2024

SR 53/Rt. 2 Detour:
10.04.23 ODOT UPDATE:

  • 10/6/2023 – The project will be shifting traffic to the western side of SR53 on the newly widened section of SR53 to allow for widening of the eastern half of SR53 to begin.
  • 10/9/2023 – State Rd will close for 7 days to allow for the completion of the eastern/westerns intersection tie ins.
  • 11/10/2023 – The roundabout at State Rd and SR53 is expected to open.

Attached is a project update flyer that was passed out to the local businesses at the start of this week for an advance notification and update on the current project and upcoming closures. **At least one access to businesses will be maintained at all times.

SR269 Temporary Signal Update – Ohio Edison inspected the power service for the temporary signals last Friday. The project is following up with Edison to see when power will be fully provided so we can remove the portable signals from the intersection. The hope is that this can occur yet this week.

When the SR 53/SR 2 interchange closes on September 5, traffic will be diverted to the SR 269/SR 2 Lakeside/Marblehead exit. ODOT is planning a temporary traffic signal (“light”) at the intersection of SR 269 South (Bridge Road) and Port Clinton Eastern Rd. The design of that temporary signal is currently in the works. Until that is finalized, ODOT will supply portable temporary traffic signals at this intersection.

1) Today (8/29/23) advance notification signage was placed stating that a signal will be implemented on 9/5/23.
2) ODOT should be able to get the portable traffic signals on site at the intersection most likely on Thursday this week (8/31/23). Their plan is to run the temporary signals on flash (yellow flash for SR 269 and red flash for Port Clinton Eastern) that will be the same as the current traffic configuration with the two-way stop. The goal is to get traffic used to the signals before they are activated. ODOT maintenance will control and maintain the portable signals until the temporary signal is in place.
3) Once the temporary signal design is completed, ODOT will notify the township regarding how long it will take to get it installed and active. Then the portable signals will be removed.

As soon as the Township Board of Trustees are notified of this information, the information will be posted here.
Please drive safely.

Edison/ Sandusky Bay Bridge Updates:
09/12/2023 ODOT UPDATE:
Beginning on Monday 9/18/23 the contractor for SR 2 reconstruction will be implementing Phase 2 traffic patterns at the spillway bridge. This will require the contractor to close the right lane for traffic traveling westbound across the Edison Bay bridge. After crossing the spillway bridge on the newly completed bridge surface traffic will transition to the right lane (current location) over the Norfolk Southern RR bridge.

Kelsie Hoagland, ODOT District 2 Public Information Officer, provided the following information on August 9, 2023 regarding work on the Edison Bridge. Questions and concerns should be directed to her at (419) 373-4428 or by email Project Engineer Kyle Ruedel stated "Through the Labor Day 2023 weekend NO RAMP closures will occur. While future multi-day ramp closures will be necessary for repaving, those closures will not happen until non-holiday seasonal times. For any ramp closure, ODOT and the contractor will provide sufficient public notice through the PIO office, project signing and message boards." Kelsie’s summary follows:

Over the past weekend the contractor was onsite after-hours Friday and Sunday responding to concerns about signage and other modifications in the zone, and to perform necessary prep work for the now-active construction project. Drainage modifications to the SR 2 over Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge were observed to be necessary to prevent unsafe driving conditions to motorists. Much of the traffic striping had occurred prior to the weekend to prepare the contractor for work to occur overnight Sunday night into Monday morning. Unfortunately due to weather forecasts changing over the weekend the Sunday night work was necessarily rescheduled.

Single lane restrictions on SR 2 will be in place for the duration of the contract with a contract completion date of 10/31/2024. The contract requires that all work between SR269 and the east project limits (Edison Bay bridge) should be complete by May 15, 2024. The contractor schedule includes completing both phases of construction for both EB & WB SR 2 including deck overlays, approach slabs, semi-integral retrofit, installation of new bearings, new parapet walls, guardrail, asphalt paving, concrete sealing all prior to May 15, 2024 pending weather and railroad access.

Single lane configurations will continue through completion (October 2024) of the project on SR 2, however by May 15 two lanes should be available east of SR 269.

Our district bridge engineer also provided the following summary that elaborates a little more about the necessity of timing for these rehabilitations:

The OTT-2-2725 bridge over NS Railroad had expansion joints that failed. leaking water down onto the abutment beam seat.  Along with that, the concrete wearing surface was exhibiting cracks and had large unsound areas.  The work we are doing will eliminate the expansion joint and provide a new concrete wearing surface. Similarly, the OTT-2-2757 bridge over the Sandusky Bay overflow has a wearing surface that is exhibiting cracking, unsound areas, and delaminations.  This bridge was already converted to semi-integral in 1998, so the work on this project is to replace the concrete wearing surface. Our specifications for concrete overlays require placement by October 15th due to temperatures required for curing.

ODOT District 2 understands the impact that traffic restrictions have on the Ottawa County community, especially the Lake Erie Shores & Islands area. I take responsibility for not contacting the township directly regarding the start of the project and I’m sorry for the negative impact it has had on your community.

Tornado & Severe Weather Shelters

Seeking Purple Heart Recipients

The Ottawa County Museum has been designated a Purple Heart Trail Museum. A key component of this designation includes creating a list of all Purple Heart recipients within Ottawa County. Purple Heart recipients or their family members are urges to register by filling out a registration form. For more information or to request a registrations form, please contact David Barth, Board Member, Ottawa County Museum, by phone at
(419) 357-2057 or by email at

Digital Equity in Ottawa County

Click on flyer to see better. Earlier this year, the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library was awarded a grant through BroadbandOhio to serve as a "Regional Digital Inclusion Alliance" (RDIA) lead for Northwest Ohio. This entails interviewing key community stakeholders about broadband connectivity in the community. To read more about these efforts, please go to their website here. As an RDIA, it will help influence the State in how it makes future investments in broadband and internet connectivity and technology accessibility. 

As part of the process, the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is partnering with the State to organize and host community listening sessions throughout the region. Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library will be hosting as follows:

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
710 W. Main Street
Marblehead, Ohio 43440

4:00p.m. - 5:15p.m. for Business, Economic Development, Nonprofit & Government Leaders
5:30p.m. - 6:30p.m. for General Community Members and Concerned Citizens. 

Questions should be directed to:
Lucas Camuso-Stall
Director, Government Relations & Advocacy
Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
O: (419) 259-5381
C: (765) 977-3712

Electric Aggregation Program

Danbury Township residents are included in the Ottawa County Electric Aggregation Program.

The current rate is 4.81 cents per kilowatt hour, currently supplied by Energy Harbor.  This rate is good through December 2023. Prior to that time Palmer Energy, the energy consultant, will work with Ottawa County to complete an RFP and negotiate rates again. All eligible residents are covered at the 4.81 cents rate UNLESS they are in a PIP (percentage of income) program OR if they have actively shopped and purchased their electricity from a 3rd party supplier.

To confirm this, look at your Toledo Edison (TE) bill. On the right side you will see the Account Summary Section. Under this section you will see charges from Toledo Edison. After that section will be the supplier charges section. If it says Energy Harbor, you don’t need to do anything to continue at the 4.81 cents rate.

If it doesn’t say Energy Harbor, call the supplier listed on your bill and ask if there are early termination fees and/or switching fees. If there are no fees and you wish to leave that supplier, let them know you will be leaving. Then call Energy Harbor at (866) 636-3749 and specify that you wish to join the Ottawa County Electric Aggregation Program so they know which program to put you in.

If you only see charges from Toledo Edison, this means you are directly with the utility (TE) and you can join the Ottawa County Aggregation program by contacting Energy Harbor and following the same steps above.

Marblehead Village residents are not included in the Ottawa County Electric Aggregation at this time, because they signed under a separate program with a different rate and terms.


When parents are absent or unable to raise their children due to struggles with substance abuse, domestic violence, health concerns, financial instability, incarceration, etc., grandparents (and other adults) serve a critical and under-recognized role in our community by providing stable, loving environments for these children in need. Please CLICK HERE to view information from the Ottawa County Family Advocacy Center for services & assistance available.  

Ottawa County 2023 Hiking Challenge

Ottawa County is home to several outdoor recreation destinations. As a way to highlight these destinations, the Park District of Ottawa County is teaming up with the Ottawa County Health Department to offer an all-new Outdoor Hiking Challenge program running September 1 – November 30, 2023.

Participants will earn an Outdoor Hiking Challenge Winter Hat by hiking 8 out of 12 Ottawa County hiking destinations. Hikes will be self-guided and on the honor system. A series of Guided Walks will also be offered throughout the autumn season. Record your hikes on the log sheet (Guided Walks may also be recorded on the log sheet). Completed log sheets must be received by December 8, 2023, to earn your Winter Hat.

For more information about the participating parks & to download the log sheet, please click here. Log sheets are also available in the Danbury Township Administration offices at the Township Hall.

Recycling at Police Station - NEW UPDATE

The Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Solid Waste District (OSS) has received a grant from the Ohio EPA and The Recycling Partnership to reduce contamination at the township recycling drop off sites.  The eight month project will support all 42 drop offs in the District while providing an added focus on the sites at Clay, Danbury, Ballville, York, Clinton (Station #2) and Loudon Townships.

Project activities will begin for Danbury the week of April 23-29, with vehicle/participation count at the recycling site. This will occur again June 25-July 1, August 4-30, and September 17-23 to compare seasonal vs. non seasonal numbers.

In May, material from each site will be collected by Rumpke Recycling and analyzed by a third-party contractor to create a site-by-site composition of all contaminants by weight, volume and percentage.  These results will be used to build our awareness strategies moving forward.

In late June, mailers will be sent to every eligible household in the district reminding residents of the recycling services available to them with emphasis on the top contamination issues. Through June and into early July, sites will have new signage installed on each container with additional free-standing signs placed on site to further address our contamination issues.

In July and August, local service groups working on behalf of the District will engage residents on site through surveys and material audits.  OSS is presently recruiting service groups to provide Saturday and Sunday engagements.  If you know of any local groups that may be interested in this fundraising opportunity, please contact them at (419) 334-7222.  In September, another material analysis will be performed to determine the level of contamination reduction that was reached as a result of the project. And finally, in October, participation counts will be done for a second time to determine if household mailers effectively increased participation rates.

Our recycle area at 419 Bridge Road continues to be a source of frustration and concern for both Danbury Township and the Solid Waste District. We sadly found it necessary to have video surveillance due to the abuse of the area with non-recyclables (including a vacuum cleaner, table and chairs, dishwasher, mattress and numerous other trash items). It’s a great service for residents when it is used properly – and it is for residential use only. Unfortunately we have also found that a primary reason the dumpsters are overflowing so quickly is due to heavy use by businesses. This was never meant to be a service for businesses or contractors. Now it is interfering with residents being able to utilize the service. The Solid Waste District advised that if a business wishes to recycle they can make arrangements with Waste Management by calling or emailing Matthew Leis (248) 285-0330 or Republic Services by calling (800) 234-3429.

We are asking that businesses voluntarily STOP using the residential recycling area. If you know of a business that does not utilize Facebook, please help make them aware of this information. We don’t want to eliminate recycling or brush drop-off but the abuse at both areas has become overwhelming for our employees. Please help us to help you keep these services and do not ever hesitate to contact the police at (419) 732-2549 to report abuse of our services.

Brush Drop-Off Site

The brush drop-off site located at 310 S. Bridge Road (SR 269 South) behind the dog park is OPEN! For your safety, the brush area is not to be used after dusk. 

Rule Reminders:
No Grass Clippings
No Rootballs or Stumps
No Plastic Bags (paper yard bags are okay to leave behind)
No Contractors
No Dumping after Dusk

This is for residents of the Township. Please only bring leaves and tree limbs. Hay bales are acceptable, but please make sure they are broken apart and take the twine string with you. Plastic and string get tied up in the machinery when it's time to mulch it. The brush drop-off site typically closes at the end of November/ early December. 

Concerns & Complaints

It is the policy of the Danbury Trustees to not accept anonymous complaints regarding tall grass, junk vehicles or other nuisance concerns. A written complaint regarding issues within 500 feet of your property will be accepted and reviewed to determine what action may be taken. In the blue band above, please go to Departments, then Zoning and the tab about "Violations" for more information and to print out a complaint form.

Document Shredding & Prescription Rx Drop-off

The Danbury Township Police Department will resume accepting documents for secure shredding and and prescription drop-off services at the Police Station on SR 269. This is by appointment only to ensure an officer is present to place the items in the proper secure location. The direct number for the station is (419) 732-2549

Special Recycling Collections

Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca County (OSS) Solid Waste District holds Special Recycling Collections throughout the year, typically at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds for items such as appliances, lead acid batteries, computers, household hazardous waste, tires, TV's & electronics. For more information about these events, to register, and where to drop off, please click here for the OSS link. Danbury Township is not involved with organization of these collections. Residents must contact OSS directly (419) 334-7222

To view & print the flyers for these collections, please click here.

Home Repair Information

Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP) & Community Housing & Impact Preservation Program (CHIP) helps provide home repairs for eligible homeowners. For more information please Click Here for their flyer. You can also contact Sherry Evens, Program Clerk at or (419) 333-6049

Rainbow Ridge

For more information regarding Rainbow Ridge at Meadowbrook Marsh in memory of the 10 animals that perished in a barn fire Thanksgiving evening 2019 at African Safari Wildlife Park, please click on the "Community" link above in the blue band and then select the "Rainbow Ridge" button. 

Now Accepting Reservations for Lake Point/ Lions Park Shelter House!

The Township has began accepting reservations for Lake Point/ Lions Park shelter house, but for a fee. It will continue to be open to the public daily unless otherwise posted as reserved. The cost to reserve the shelter house is $300. All reservations must be received by the first of the month of the month prior to the event  (i.e. July events, reservations must be made by June 1st). Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis and the date is not officially reserved until a complete reservation form and payment has been turned in. Once a reservation has been made, the party will have the shelter house reserved for them the entire day. We do not reserve more than one event per day. Attendees are asked to clean up after themselves and wrap up all activities by dusk. Reservation forms are available under the Service & Maintenance Departments web page or at the zoning office during their office hours. 

"No Surprise Act"

The Township is required to have this placed on our website per our insurance carrier.

The Transparency in Coverage mandate requires insurers and group health plans to make rate information publicly accessible to members and non-members starting July 2022. Medical Mutual will share rate information for Medical Mutual-contracted providers as well as historical allowed amounts and billed charges for out-of-network providers in a machine-readable file (MRF) format.  The information will be posted on a dedicated MRF landing page, accessible through To be considered compliant under the mandate, the regulations specify that ASO groups must include a link on their own website that directs users to the location of the publicly available MRFs.

The No Surprises Act (NSA), signed into law as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA), establishes federal standards to protect patients with health benefits coverage from “surprise” medical bills that may arise when receiving care from certain out-of-network providers and ancillary providers. 

Hearing Notices

Hearing Notices

Board of Zoning Appeals

None at this time.

Zoning Commission

None at this time.

Board of Trustees

None at this time.


Contact Information

Danbury Township Hall
5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Rd.
Marblehead, OH 43440
Phone: (419) 732-3039
Fax:     (419) 734-3137
Hours for the Trustees & Fiscal Officer are by appointment.


Trustee John Paul Dress:
(419) 341-0404

Trustee David Hirt: 
(419) 732-2703

Trustee Dianne Rozak: 
(419) 340-9359

Fiscal Officer - Carolyn Adams: 
(419) 732-3039

Administrative Assistant to Trustees & Fiscal Officer
Lynne James
(419) 732-3039
Hours: M, Tu, Th:     8a - 4p
Wednesday: 12p - 8p
Friday:          7a - 3p

Fire:   Chief Keith Kahler
Station 1 - Headquarters
7870 E. Harbor Road
Marblehead, OH 43440
Phone: (419) 798-5219
Fax:      (419) 798-9122

Police: Chief Michael Meisler
419 S. Bridge Road
Marblehead, Ohio 43440
Phone: (419) 732-2549
Fax:      (419) 732-1516
Hours:  24 hours. If an officer
does not answer, you may leave
a message for a non-emergency
situation. Non-emergency calls
may also be placed at the Ottawa
County Sheriff’s Office
(419) 734-4404.
Email: or
Emergency calls: please dial 911

Maintenance Garage:
Road Supervisor, Brett Waldron
Phone: (419) 734-4091
Fax:      (419) 734-3137
Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Zoning & Planning Administrator
Kathryn A. Dale, AICP

Zoning Assistant
Michelle Teresi (April 1-October 1)

Assistant Zoning Inspector
Marcel Sorgi (April 1 - October 1)

 (419) 734-6120
Fax:      (419) 734-3137
Hours:  T, TH, F: 9:00a to 3:00p
W.: 9:00-11:00a & 4:00p-6:30p
The Zoning Office is CLOSED on Mondays