Local Commerce

Local Commerce

Local Businesses

If your business is based in Danbury Township, we'd like to list it on the Township Website for you at no charge! Please click here to fill out the form. Then just email, fax, mail or drop off the form to the Township!
Send to:  Kathryn A. Dale, Zoning & Planning Administrator
5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road
Marblehead, Ohio 43440
Fax: (419) 734-3137


Interactive Census Map

Population Total: 5,167
Lakeside: 694
Marblehead: 903
Danbury: 3,570

Total Housing Units: 6,484 units
     Occupied: 2,489 units
     Owner Occupied: 2,069 units (w/ 4,274 people in these units)
     Renter-Occupied: 420 units (w/ 864 people in these units)
     Vacant Units: 3,995 units (at the time of the Census 177 units were for rent and 96 units were for sale.(This number is skewed due to the large number of seasonal residents.In the 43440 zip code alone, 3,587 units were for seasonal recreational or occasional use.)

According to, overall, the 43440 zip code has grown by 12.87% since 2000.

Available Funding & Grants

  • WSOS
      For new and existing businesses with 50 or fewer employees that need small loans. Priority projects will include the following:
      Complying with environmental regulations through installation of new equipment, environmentally sensitive projects involving energy-saving manufacturing processes, use or manufacture of recycled materials, or development of new and emerging environmentally enhancing projects; production of agriculturally based products; and smaller micro-business with the potential to provide a new service or product.
      Uses: Machinery/ equipment, furnishings/ fixtures, inventory, working capital (no acquisition of real estate, major construction, re-financing of existing debt or franchises)
      Max to Borrow: $30,000
      Type of Entity: Private for ProfitsFor more information contact: Angie McConnell (Loan & Grant Specialist) at (419) 334-8911 or
      This loan fund is targets towards new and existing child day care facilities. The funds are designed to help create, expand, or improve childcare facilities and enables them to become properly equipped and licensed.Uses: Working capital, inventory, equipment, minor remodeling, minor upgrading of facilities to meet licensing and code requirements (no acquisition of real estate, major construction, re-financing of existing debt or franchises)
      Max to Borrow: $25,000
      Type of Entity: Licensed Daycare FacilityFor more information contact: Angie McConnell (Loan & Grant Specialist) at (419) 334-8911 or 
      This loan fund is targeted to new and existing small businesses with 5 or fewer employees. The goal of the program is to create jobs for low-moderate income individuals.
      Uses: Furniture, fixtures, Machinery/equipment, Supplies, Inventory, Vehicles, Insurance, Minor Building Improvements, and Working Capital (no acquisition of real estate, major construction, re-financing of existing debt or franchises)
      Max to Borrow: $10,000
      Type of Entity: Private for Profits Income Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements
      For more information contact: Angie McConnell (Loan & Grant Specialist) at (419) 334-8911 or
  • ODNR Division of Watercraft
      1.) Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Program - Due August 1st
      Available to public & private tie-up facilities. Approximately $8 million is available nationwide each year for  construction of transient morrage facilities for non-trailerable boats over 26-feet in length. Matching grants are awarded  on a competitive  basis, 75/25 with the grant providing 75% of the cost.
      Contact Ted Welsh (614) 265-6410

       Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Grant - Due October 1st
      Available to public & private marinas. Grants provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are designed to improve the number  and availability of marine facilities for the proper disposal of sewage from boats. Approximately $9.5 million is available per  year nationwide for construction of new or replacement pump-out and/or dump stations to public and private marinas.
      Matching grants are awarded on a competitive basis, 75/25 with the grant providing 75% of the cost.
      Contact Ted Welsh (614) 265-6410
    • NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - Due November 1st
      Grants are used to mark hazards and to assist in developing/ marketing zones in user conflict areas.
      Contact Ted Welsh (614) 265-6410
  • ODNR Division of Wildlife
      Available to individuals and organizations to assist with the costs associated with wetland restoration projects on private lands in Ohio. Projects include tile cuts and/or construction of small, low-level dikes to restore or enhance hydrology. Eligible landowners can receive 50% cost-share for wetland restoration or a maximum of $500 for each acre of wetland restored if they agree to a 10-year maintenance agreement. Twenty-year agreements can pay up to 100% of the cost, not to exceed $1,000 for each wetland acre restored. Call 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543) for more information.

Community Links

Community Links

Weather & Emergency Info

Warnings vs. Watches

Watch Severe Weather is possible. Watches are intended to heighten public awareness. Listen to local radio and television or NOAA Weather Radio for additional information.

Warning: Severe weather is occurring or will occur soon. Be prepared to take action. Warnings indicate imminent danger to life
and property to those in the path of the storm.

Tornado Shelters

The Danbury Township Hall located at 5972 E. Port Clinton Road, serves as a Tornado Shelter in a pre-storm event when a
Tornado Warning has been issued for the area. The Danbury Police Department will open the building if such Warning is issued
after regular business hours. The shelter is open until imminent danger has passed. Overnight stay is not provided except in
special circumstances, in which a Notice will be posted on the Township Website.

Snow Emergency Levels

Level 1: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may also be icy. Motorists are urged to drive very

Level 2: Roadways are hazardous due to conditions such as ice and blowing/drifting snow. Conditions could change at any time.
Drivers should use extreme caution and allow plenty of time for their travel. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be
out on the roads. Contact your employer with regard to whether or not you should report for work.

Level 3: Hazardous conditions such as ice and blowing/drifting snow have caused some roads to possibly be closed. No
one should be driving during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel or a personal emergency exists.Contact
your employer with regard to whether or not you should report for work.
**Special Note: Closure of roads will not be automatic in a Level 3. Closure of roads will be done after evaluation of conditions
and will be declared by the Sheriff. Also, there will be no order for arrest for drivers on the roadways during a Level 3 unless
there would be a declaration of roads being closed. Deputies will utilize current traffic codes should the need arise.