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Township Trustee Meeting Summary

Zoning Commission 11.5.14 Meeting Notice

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We'll be using this section to post the most current newsletter, our "Focus on Danbury Township" article and timely information we need to communicate. As always, if you need to reach any of us just refer to the Contact Information on the right side.

The Ottawa County Veterans Service Office presents
National Wreaths Across America Day
On December 13th, 2014
(Click here for more information)

Danbury Police Department to Reinstate K-9 Unit
At the August 13th Trustee meeting, Chief Michael Meisler announced that on August 7, 2014 Township resident Joseph Matlak made a very generous donation of $12,000 to the department with the intention of possibly having a K-9 Unit for the department. The Trustees voted to accept the check and reinstate the program. The goal is to have the unit established beginning in 2015. Additional funding is needed to make this happen, and the Department is hoping to raise between $20,000 and $25,000. The funding will include training, food, veterinary appointment, retrofitting a police cruiser and uniform equipment for the dog.  

According to the Chief, the Township had a K-9 unit from the mid-1990's to early 2000's, but the unit retired after the handler was in an on-duty accident. A few officers from the current Police roster are interested in the full-time commitment of being the next handler. 

If you are interested in making a donation, please make a check payable to the Danbury Township Police Department and put on the memo line "K-9 Program" and send to:

Danbury Township Police Department
Attn: Chief Meisler/ K-9 Unit
419 S. Bridge Road
Marblehead, Ohio 43440

Thank-you in advance for your generosity and support!

Campaign and Election Time!
Election Day is around the corner and we are already receiving calls asking what our signage requirements are. Here in Danbury Township we do not regulate “Campaign/Political” yard signs per se; but we do regulate temporary signage. We do not regulate that signs are allowed so many days prior to the election, size or number allowed on a property. We do regulate that the maximum height of a sign cannot exceed 4’ from grade. 

The most common infraction we see, that we respectfully ask that you take the time to consider when locating a political sign in your yard, is: 

1.) That the signs are NOT in the road right-of-way. This is generally the area between the edge of the road pavement and telephone/power poles. Please make sure signs are behind the poles.

2.)  All signs should be removed from the Township 14 days following the election. It is the responsibility of each campaign and the property owner to ensure their signs are removed in a timely manner.

  • If signs are located in the road right-of-way the Township will remove them. Any sign that we remove will be located behind the Township Hall at 5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road, Marblehead, Ohio and can be picked-up and re-posted in a proper location. Any signs that remain at the Hall following the election or remain up around the Township following the 14 days after the election, the signs will be removed and destroyed. 

Zoning Commission Appointed Position Available

If you have interest in serving on the Danbury Township Zoning Commission (ZC), please submit an Appointed Position Application
 as well as your resume to Kathryn A. Dale the Danbury Township Zoning & Planning Administrator. She can be reached at (419) 734-6120 for more questions.  

The Zoning Commission meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00p.m. and is responsible for amendments to the zoning resolution and map.  
The Commission is comprised of 5 regular members and 2 alternates. An appointment is for 5 years, unless fulfilling a vacated seat. To be considered for the position, your permanent residence of record must be Danbury Township. 

Danbury Trustees Change Meeting Times
Interior construction has been completed at the Danbury Township Hall. The Board of Trustees is now holding their meetings at the Hall located at 5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road, Marblehead, Ohio 43440. Meetings times have been permanently changed to 6:30 p.m.The Trustees meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

The Board of Zoning Appeals meeting scheduled for November 19, 2014 will be held at the Township Hall. This will be the last Board of Zoning Appeals for this year.

Danbury Township Hall
5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Rd.
Marblehead, OH 43440
   Phone: (419) 732-3039
   Fax:     (419) 734-3137
   Hours for the Trustees & Fiscal 
   Officer are by appointment
Trustee Charles Scott:
(419) 734-4703 charles@danburytownship.com

Trustee David Hirt:
(419) 732-2703 dave@danburytownship.com

Trustee Dianne Rozak:
(419) 798-4071 dianne@danburytownship.com

Fiscal Officer - Shelley Seamon:
(419) 732-3039 or (419) 732-6615 fiscalofficer@danburytownship.com

Fire:   Chief Keith Kahler
Station 1 - Headquarters
9551 E. Harbor Road
Lakeside, OH 43440
    Phone: (419) 798-5219
    Fax:     (419) 798-9122

Station 2 
150 S. Bridge Road
Lakeside-Marblehead, OH 43440
    Phone: (419) 734-9700

Station 3

517 W. Main Street
Marblehead, OH 43440
    Phone: (419) 798-4450
    Fax:     (419) 798-9421

Police: Chief Michael Meisler
419 S. Bridge Road
Marblehead, Ohio 43440
   Phone: (419) 732-2549
   Fax:     (419) 732-1516
   Hours:  24 hours. If an officer    
   does not answer, you may leave
   a message for a non-emergency
   situation. Non-emergency calls
   may also be placed at the Ottawa
   County Sheriff’s Office
   (419) 734-4404.
   Email: dtpd@cros.net or
   Emergency calls: please dial 911
Maintenance Garage:
Road Supervisor, Brett Waldron
    Phone: (419) 734-4091
    Fax:     (419) 734-3137
    Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.  
                Monday thru Friday

Zoning & Planning Administrator
Kathryn A. Dale, AICP
Phone: (419) 734-6120
     Fax:     (419) 734-3137
     Hours:  M, T, TH, F: 9am to 4pm
                  W.: 9-11am & 4-6:30pm

Shelter House Rental Application


** The physical Township Hall building is no longer rented for events. 


Hey Local Businesses!!!

  If your business is based in Danbury Township, we'd like to list it on the Township Website for you at no charge! Please click here to 
  fill out the form. Then just email, fax, mail or drop off the form to the Township!
Send to:  Kathryn A. Dale, Zoning & Planning Administrator
5972 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road
Marblehead, Ohio 43440
Fax: (419) 734-3137
Email: zoning@danburytownship.com

If you are in need of employees, a "Help-Wanted" icon can be placed in your listing. Potential employees can contact you directly for information. If you would like a "Help-Wanted" icon added to your listing, please contact Kathy Dale. 

Danbury Township encompasses an area of 17.76 square miles which includes 32.75 miles of Lake Erie, Sandusky Bay and Harbor shoreline. The historic Village of Marblehead is located at the east end of the Township. The permanent population of Danbury is 4,264 with an additional 903 residing in the Village. Seasonal homes, condominiums, marinas, campgrounds, cottages and recreational vehicle parks are home to a population of several thousand summer-only residents. Danbury was named for the original settlers who arrived from Danbury, Connecticut and became a township on March 6, 1840. The Village of Marblehead was incorporated in 1891.


"The Mission of the Danbury Township Board of Trustees is to provide fair and representative government for all citizens, to foster pride in the community,to ensure fiscal solvency, to preserve and protect natural and historical sites, and to operate within the parameters of the laws of the State of Ohio while making certain that the Township remains an enjoyable place to live for both permanent and seasonal residents."


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